Season 1 Recap
Waxing poetic about GameClub's S01.

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date published: 4.29.24

Wow! We have been doing this for a while! A little over 1 year. I am really really grateful that this idea actually worked out and happy with where the website is at! If you’ve been reading the reviews, you may know I am NOT a writer and that I have very little previous writing experience. It has been really interesting for me to try out different things in my reviews and I am looking forward to experimenting even more. My goal is to connect each of these games to a memory or part of myself or current thoughts that I want to share. In this way, the site serves its purpose of documenting what our GameClub is doing, but it also can serve as a sort of diary for me. A diary that … everyone can see.

Computer Guild GameClub continues into Season 2 as of April 28th, 2024 and we have some ideas to shake things up a little more. For example, we all came up with a bunch of theme ideas for our game suggestions and for the first game suggestions of Season 2, we spun a roulette wheel with all the theme ideas on it. The theme it landed on dictated the type of games we will suggested for the following round. See? Exciting stuff!

The other guys haven’t wanted to write any reviews YET, but maybe in season 2 they will take one on and give me a break. We also have some prospective new members that may be joining us in the future, but only time will tell!

Listen (read), if you are reading this - thank you. It really means a lot to me. I am very grateful that you are reading my writing and I appreciate you. I feel really lucky to be able to do this with a group of friends and actually have people read my thoughts. So again - thank you, thank you.

Anyways, enjoy the next month(ish) and we’ll be back with some HEAT for you - new graphics, new games, new IDEAS(?!?). Until then, you can check out any of the reviews you might have missed below:

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